The Shark Cage

Alex is still getting better from his surgery. He has a ramp in the backyard because he cannot go down stairs. This evening I enjoyed getting to paint on it. He also has to be in his kennel all day. I like to pretend it is a shark cage.

Thursday Mom drove me, Trent, Miss Joni, Paige, and Brendan to go see Elianna, Miss Karen, and their new baby Mira. Mom never thought she'd EVER be driving a mini van with four kids in it. It was weird to see Trent as the big baby. It is strange to think that not that long ago Trent was Mira's size.

On the way back I took Mom's phone and blew up our Dropbox account because I took over a 100 pictures.

On Saturday Mom and I went to Claire's second birthday party. Dad stayed home with Trent because Trent decided he needed to nap through it. I had my first experience with a pinata. It was awesome. All parties should have one. 

Sometimes I like to push Trent in his stroller. He is changing quickly. He is doing more babbling. He is also getting close to crawling forward instead of just backwards. He is also a lot better at eating solids like puffs.

I'm doing pretty good with potty training. This might be TMI, but I have #1 down, but #2 sometimes eludes me. It's all just part of the kids and dogs in this family keeping the washing machine busy.

The Swagger Wagon!

Baby Mira at 4 weeks.

Self portrait.

Playing shark cage with Miss Charlotte.

Pushing Trent at Home Depot.

Alex's power ramp.