Wiped It On My Tummy

What a week!

Alden went to Duke twice for allergy testing. He did great, especially considering he had to be stuck in an exam room for over two hours. The nurses and staff there are so nice. They had to wait 30 minutes for the first appointment and the receptionist apologized twice and gave them a free parking pass.

I like when we drop Alden off for school. I like crawling around and getting into stuff. I'm really good at that now. I don't want to cuddle much. I need to be on the move getting into things. I pull up to my knees. I love cords! My favorite thing is splashing in the dog water bowl. I also think toilet plungers are interesting. Don't leave me alone! I also like to play with shoes. During library story time I had fun checking out shoes.

I also like standing at things.

Alden likes playing with his lawn mower. On Saturday we went for a walk down the street. Alden mowed the lawns along the way, I sat in the double stroller by myself, and Mommy pushed us while walking Mallory. We were an awesome parade.

On Sunday we went to Pullen Park with Emily and Molly. I rode on a train and carousel for the first time. I did great, no tears.

We have construction guys working in the attic. It was loud so I took some of my naps inside a pack-n-play stuffed into Mommy and Daddy's closet. I'm a great sleeper. Even Miss Joni said so. I had to stay over there today while Mommy and Alden were at Duke. As long as I have my blankie and white noise (crickets) I'm good to go. I may whine for a bit but then I'm off to dreamland. I don't like to be rocked. Alden loved being rocked. He's 3 and still gets rocked most nights.

Last week Daddy was traveling and Alden was not a good sleeper for Mommy. He wanted to stay up as long as she was up. He finally wore her down and she let him sleep in her bed. It is amazing that he can stay up very late without a nap.

Last night Mommy had a meeting and had to go get groceries. I slept through all of this but I heard Mommy tell Daddy about it this morning. When Mommy came home at 9:30 p.m. Alden was downstairs running around. Daddy was passed out in bed. Alden had gotten out the downstairs toys after they had been put out for the night.

Alden insisted on helping Mommy put away the groceries. Mommy put Alden back to bed. Mommy then went to do some computer work. Alden came to tell her he pooped in his pull-ups. But it was ok because he had "cleaned it up himself." Mommy went in his room and it was not ok. Mommy got to wiping and Alden told her he got some on his hands but it was ok because he wiped it on his tummy. Alden ended up in the shower.

In fairness number 2 training is going better.

Sweet reward for being so good at Duke.

Too much fun at preschool drop off.

Standing and checking out the world.

Our lawn boy.

Indoor golfing with the Jaycees.

Library story time.

Checking out shoes.

Alden and Molly driving the boats.