Boom, Boom, Fireworks!

On the 4th we had a relaxing day at home. We went to Miss Kelly's pool for a pizza dinner. We saw many friends there. Daddy told me we wouldn't go to the fireworks because we'd see plenty in Michigan.

On Friday, Daddy got us up way too early. We made it to the airport just in time. We arrived in Flint in the afternoon. Then we drove up to cousin Nick's house to borrow Aunt Beth's car. We also visited Grandma and Grandpa J, Aunts Katie and Jenny, Uncle Balex, and Scott. I had pizza for dinner with my Bay City friend Quinn.

That evening we stayed in a hotel right in front of the fireworks. Mommy stayed in the room with Trent and Daddy and I went outside to watch them. What an awesome show.

On Saturday we went to see Great Grandma Jezewski. We had lunch at Intermission Deli, a place Mommy loves. The owner came by our table to say hi. She must have been a great customer back when she lived there. We also went to Great Aunt Karen's big family reunion. That evening we went back to the hotel again but this time Aunts Jenny and Katie, Scott, and Uncle Balex came with us. Mom stayed in the room and watched the fireworks from the window so Trent could sleep (in the bathroom, hah-hah!). The fireworks were awesome. My aunts filled me up with cotton candy and jelly beans so I was wired!!! 

On Sunday we slept in. Mom went for a run in the morning through downtown Bay City and was very excited to run into her friend Erin who was at work. She was feeling bad she wouldn't have time to see her but it worked out.

After a slow start we drove up to Traverse City to see Cousins Nick and Chris, Uncle Bob, Aunt Beth, and Grandpa and Grandma. We rode the boat and I got to drive. Trent did not like it. He was tired and he hated the life jacket.

Trent struggled at times because he missed naps. He is not good at napping in cars or strollers like I was when I was his age.

We had dinner at North Peak, which according to Mommy, has the best wings in the world. That's the only place she really likes them.

On Monday it rained a lot. We went to the children's museum while Mommy went shopping. She found a dress for Aunt Jenny and Uncle Balex's wedding.

On Tuesday we got up too early again! Then we went to the airport. We had a snag at security and barely made it to our plane on time.

We arrived home, safe and sound...but I am still adjusting to not having treats all the time and getting to go to bed late. To me, Michigan means all the attention and treats and staying up I could ever want! I am ready to go back.

Awesome firework show.

Driving the tractor with Grandpa.

Four generations with Trent.

Awesome view before the fireworks from the hotel.

Trent in his boating straight jacket.

Captain Alden.


Holding Mommy's hand in the car.

Showing Grandpa the Children's Museum.

We don't travel light.

New fire fighters hose at home.