Preschool Houdini

I am so proud of Alden. Sure he gets frustrated that I take up a lot of the attention these days, but I admire his problem solving ability.

Last Thursday he told Mommy that he knew how to get out his window. His bedroom is on the second floor. He then demonstrated he could get his step stool, open the locks, push the window open and then crawl on the roof. Mommy had quite the look on her face.

The next day I was dragged around Home Depot and Lowes looking for a window lock solution. It was very unpleasant as it was very hot and I was missing my nap. Mommy couldn't find anything so now Alden has black screws in his window.

Alden today also figured out how to flip the very high door latches closed with his light sabre. Good one Alden. However, he doesn't know how to flip them open.

We had a real cement truck come to our house to make a parking pad. We didn't get to put our hands it in because it was already too hard by the time the guys left.

Yesterday we went to Marbles. Alden enjoyed building up blocks with Molly. I liked crawling in the ball pit. I also demonstrated I can climb stairs for the first time. I don't do that at home because I don't like the plastic on them.

I am good at saying "up" and "uh-oh."

I still am still enjoying walking holding hands, but I'm not ready to walk alone yet.

I do not like swim class. I hate going under. I cry as soon as we get in the water.

I like to scream. It is fun to test out my vocal cords. I especially like to scream when people are slow getting my food.

"We need more blocks"

Cement Truck!!