Labor Day is Not Lazy Day

We are very upset because we realized too late that we forgot to do a photo shoot with Grandma before she left. We won't do that again.

I thought that Labor Day weekend was for relaxing, but Mommy and Daddy used it to try to get lots done around the house. I cannot believe how much time we spend at Home Depot and Lowe's. Mommy and Daddy moved into their new office room. I helped them carry stuff and clean. Daddy showed me to to cut wires. I like trying out new tools.

When we weren't working around the house we went to the community pool. I've gone from walking around the pool to going into the pool. I enjoy it now. I owe it all to my swim classes.

Trent is getting really close to walking. Today at the pool we saw him go a few steps to get from one lawn chair to another. He still favors crawling.

I love playing with Play Doh. It is my favorite right now.

Mommy got me some Wacky Packages and Garbage Pail Kid stickers at Target. She loves stuff from the 80s. After we got home she looked at them and said she now understands why parents didn't like them.

Yesterday we went to a Pig Pickin' at a farm. It was a fundraiser for some people who are adopting two kids from Africa. We got to go on a hay ride and get really close to some cows. I also fed a horse. It was fun, but very hot, and Mommy spent too much time in the barn looking at the silent auction stuff.

Moo-ve over!

Hay ride time.
Keeping cool.