One Exciting Weekend

We had a crazy fun, crazy busy weekend.

On Friday, Paige and Brendan came over. Miss Shannon also came over to watch us so Mommy, Daddy, Mr. Dave, and Miss Joni could go to a quiet eat place. Quiet eat places are very boring. You have to eat and be still so Mommy and Daddy don't take us to them. We had a rocking good time. I didn't want Paige to go home, and she didn't want to leave either. We were hiding in my room, in my bed pretending to sleep.

On Saturday Uncle Bob from Michigan came. He was a surprise for Grandma's 75th birthday. We went to lunch. After lunch, Mommy took Trent home to nap. Then the rest of us headed to go bowling, but on the way there a tornado warning went off. So we raced back home and hung out watching the radar stuff - well, I watched some snake videos on YouTube.

When the weather had cleared, we met up with Uncle Rob, Aunt Sue, and Cousin Trevor at Dave and Busters. I won enough tickets to get a Sponge Bob candy pack with a fan on it. It took 10 minutes before it broke.

We did dinner and after that CAKE! A cake with a rainbow on it. We got to skip a bath because we were up too late.

On Sunday we took Uncle Bob to lunch and then it was off to the airport for him. Sunday evening we went to Will and Ellie's house. Trent enjoyed playing in one of their boxes.

Today Grandma and Grandpa left for Arizona. I sure enjoyed having them around.
Daddy, Grandpa, Aunt Sue, Grandma, and Uncle Bob at dinner


Three under 3 in a box.