The Go Fast Button

As promised, here are some pictures from my awesome field trip earlier this month. My school took us to a private hanger so we could see some airplanes. We have been learning about airplanes in school.

Mommy and Daddy both came on the field trip with me. They were more excited than I was. Actually, I was quite tired that day. At first Mommy was annoyed because we were told there would be possible delays getting to the airport because the President was in town. But when we got to the hanger, we got a huge surprise. Some Marines and one of the President's support helicopters was in the hanger. The pilot told us the helicopter could be Marine 1. We got to see it and meet the pilots. Outside the hanger we could see the huge supply plane that brought in the President's limo.

We also got to see some private planes, and go to the mechanic shop to see some being repaired.Mechanic Greg even let us sit in one of the planes! He was so nice to us all.

At the end of the tour they told us to hurry outside so we could watch the President's plane take off. It was really neat.

Over the weekend I saw my first play (Hansel and Gretal) and we attended the Jaycees banquet (at a fancy eat place). Us kids did get a bit wild at the end. It's all good though. We had the eat place to ourselves. We even played in the bathroom. Mommy totally cracked up when the bathroom door flew open and revealed Brendan and I wrestling and Trent unrolling toilet paper. Too bad her camera wasn't ready to capture that! Silly her cleaned up first and then took a picture.

Plane under repair.
Presidential seal.

Class photo in front of the President's helicopter.

Flying on the ground.

Wow - we watched Air Force One take off.

The hanger manager showed us airplanes.

Bathroom party!

Alden's first play.

Asleep at the dinner table.