Winter Rides

The milestones keep coming for me. Last week I went sledding for the first time. While Mommy and Alden enjoyed it, I thought it sucked. I was cold and wet and anytime Mommy tried to put me down I cried. Alden did well sledding by himself for the first time. Mommy wants to take Alden to Michigan for some serious sledding.

Mommy let me pretend drive for the first time. I loved it. Now when I get in the car, I squirm and whine trying to get into the front seat.

I don't have a lot of verbal language yet, but I've gotten really good at grabbing adults and showing them what I want. For example, tonight a toy I wanted was stuck. I grabbed Mommy's hand, lead her to the cabinet, and pointed to the stuck toy for her to retrieve. I'm a great trainer.

Join me next week for some of my latest dance videos.

If his legs were just a bit longer....

A rare sledding day.