Snakes, Snakes, Sssnakes

Well, if you are waiting for Disney pictures you are going to be waiting even longer. Mommy and Daddy are being lazy about helping me get them. No worries - I have an exciting report on my week.

On Monday I went to the dentist. I was supposed to go the week before, but they had canceled it to due ice. No cavities! Mommy says the set-up is impressive. They give out sunglasses and have video screens to watch movies on. Apparently the dentists for  grown-ups don't do that.

I now know how to drive my battery operated tractor very well. Something clicked and I got the hang of steering. Mommy took the the governor off so it goes super fast. Now I am driving it during family walks with the dogs.

On Saturday we went to the Natural Sciences Museum for Amphibian and Reptile Day. When they advertised "Snakes, Snakes, Sssnakes" they were not kidding. We got to touch so many colorful snakes that I lost track of them. We saw some cool bright yellow tree snakes that will be bright green when they are adults. We saw a rainbow of rat snakes. We'll definitely be back next year.

No cavity club!

Trent's first snake encounter.

Making a new friend.