Little Chatterbox

Here are some assorted recent pictures of me!

Enjoying the Wake Tech Culinary Arts Show.

Having a "loud response" at the culinary show.
Graduating from Dunn Speech Therapy.
Playdate with Will and Colin. Yes, they are twins.

For some reason, this is fun.
After being behind on my speech I am now rocking it! When I was retested I scored at my age level. I talk a lot now. Some of my favorite words are: ball, doggie, duck, woof-woof, digger, tractor, shark, neigh-neigh (when I see a horse), water, gup (as in Octonauts),  Mommy, Daddy, help, and hoop (as in basketball). I imitate words all the time now.

I sometimes even say "Alden."

Tonight I refused to get into the bathtub until I got to play with an Octonauts toy.

I like looking at Alden's shark picture book.

Mallory had surgery last week to remove a kidney that had a big bump on it. She has to sleep in the kennel while she gets better. I love crawling in there.