Michigan in Pictures

Finally, in no particular order, here are some pictures from our trip to Michigan. Some of the things that we did not pictured are:

  • Aunt Jen and Uncle Balex helped Trent "hit it" (baseball)
  • Fishing
  • Picked raspberries with Grandma Jezewski
  • Lunch at Intermission and Amazing Delis (Mom's favorites)
  • Mom's first 15K
  • Great Aunt Karen's and Uncle Pat's 36th Annual 4th of July Party
  • Bay City fireworks!
  • Massages with Rose
  • Hay ride without hay
  • Riding on the Mule with Aunt Kat
  • Campfire "Up North" in Alger
  • Swimming in Midland
  • Watched construction on Main Street in Midland (hole driller)
  • Fair rides at the Cherry Festival
  • Children's Museum in Traverse City
  • Pirate putt-putt golf
  • Cramming into one hotel bed.
  • ....
It was a time of late nights, missed naps, and not the best nutrition (s'mores for breakfast!). We cannot wait for next year!

Visit to Alden, Michigan.

Trent liked the boat this year.

Wood choppers.

Deer blind climbing.

Working at Cracker Barrel.

Long car ride crying.

Demolition derby (Bay City).

Summer 2014!

Getting the firewood.

Home firework show.

Cops and Doughnuts, Clare, MI.

Hotel sleeping.

Happy Birthday Grandma Up North Party!

Professional photo shoot.

Tractors for everyone!