Back to School

Trent and I have started at our new school. Last week was our first week. Mommy has been really proud of how well I've done. I haven't cried or had any meltdowns. I do complain a lot that they have nap time though. Really?! I haven't napped in years at home and here they go tricking me into sleeping. I make up for it by protesting bedtime at night.This is my last year of preschool before kindergarten next year.

This week we are learning about community helpers. Later in the week a fire fighters with their truck are going to come visit us!

Mommy thinks it is interesting that my teacher was born in 1991. She was in high school then. It's all ancient history to me.
My school has a Smart Board, a loft, a gym, and a playground.

Trent is having a rougher time. When we get to the parking lot he starts to cry. He usually asks Mommy to "go home." He's been taking his green blanket with him for comfort. Mommy and Daddy haven't gotten a picture of him yet because he's crying when they leave. However, his teachers report that he does just fine when they leave. When Mommy and Daddy spy on him he's fine. He is doing well eating his food and taking his nap. He likes driving the Cosy Coupes.

First day of school.