Merry Belated Christmas

We are back! Sorry we've been gone from blogging for awhile. It was a busy couple of weeks. We enjoyed Christmas and almost 2 weeks off from school (and Mommy and Daddy were off too). It has been a struggle getting back to our normal schedule. It was so nice sleeping in and not having to be anywhere in particular.

The day before Christmas Eve we had a party at school. That means we sat around eating junk food.

We spent Christmas Eve at home with Grandma and Grandpa Stafford, Uncle Rob, Aunt Sue, and Cousin Trevor. We had meatloaf for dinner. We ate lots of chocolate covered cherries. Earlier that day we had lunch at Outback. Mommy loves the seasonal cocktails there and we love stealing the sugar rims off her cocktails.

On Christmas Day Trent was sick so just Daddy and I went to Aunt Sue's. The good news is he was better the next day.

Some of my gifts this year: magnet kit, nerf gun, Crayola Marker maker, Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtle (TNMT) socks, jammies, and top, Don't Break the Ice game, cars and glow in the dark track, slime kit...

Some of Trent's gifts this year: soccer net, TNMT jammies and top, floating helicopter, shark rescue ship, Spiderman t-shirt and pillowcase...

On the 26th we went to San Francisco. I will update you on that trip next time :)

Sugar rims attract kids.

Alden's school party.

Christmas Eve dinner.
Sick guy on Christmas Day.