Snow Daze

What a week. It snowed again and we got two days off school and one delayed start day. We went sledding. Trent didn't like it. One of my favorite things was coloring snow with food coloring.

We had a party day today. First we went to Aqua Tots for swim school. I complain about it but Mommy makes me go. I hate the backfloat. Mommy says it is important for me to be safe in the water. Then we went to the natural history museum to see an exhibit on dinosaurs. For lunch, we had hotdogs at the famous Roast Grill.  After that we tried a new doughnut place. Mommy still likes cupcakes better.  

At nighttime we went to my classmate Julia's birthday party. It was at a bounce house and very fun. More junk food!

Dinosaur dig.

Playing firefighter with the fireplace.

Air hockey at Julia's party.

Another Mallory mess.


Muddy sledding!