Pie Pushers

We had a full weekend. On Friday we all went to Durham for dinner. There was a long wait at the eat place so after we put in our name we went to a brewery. The adults had a drink while we had pizza from a food truck. When the eat place texted us, the grown-ups had dinner while we had dessert. After that place we went to a fancy hot chocolate place.

On Saturday I went to one of my classmate's birthday parties. I impressed Dad by taking on the pole.

On Sunday Grandma and Grandpa Stafford met up with us in Pittsboro. We had brunch and then went to a bike shop so Mommy could order a bike. We also stopped by a park.

Today we went to the park with Paige and Brendan. Brendan helped teach Trent some soccer skills. We also had swim class this evening. Trent cried though most of it.

Pie Pushers Pizza.

Firefighter practice.
Park climbing.

New park friend.

Soccer lesson with Brendan.