Enjoying the Weather

Today was Memorial Day. We started the day at Ellie and Will's 4th Birthday party. It was at a park and featured a Dora theme. We explored the woods and found fish in a little pond and tons of tiny frogs.

In the afternoon we went to Miss Jessica's pool and hung out. I'm always telling Mommy that I want to help with a baby. Tonight I got my chance. I got to hold Baby Henry. I gave him a toy and sang "Ba-ba Black Sheep" to him. The adults thought it was precious.

I pooped in the potty this evening. I asked Mommy for a fist bump and a high five. She was very happy. I told Mommy to remember to point her pp down when she goes.

Yesterday Mommy did a race that involved eating food. I want to run a race so I can get a popsicle too!

Alden with Will and Ellie.

Trent and Ellie.

Trent is generally a happy guy in the morning.

Trent enjoying a water gun.

Alden hanging out with the big kids.

Trent helped with Baby Henry.
Alden likes Red Hots.

Trent and his school buddy.