Today I went to the allergy doctor. They did a tree nut skin test on me. I reacted strongly to cashews and pistachios. I am not outgrowing my allergies.

Trent tried cotton candy for the first time on Saturday. It was too complex for him to deal with. We met up with our friends Will and Ellie and their parents at Out Raleigh. We saw our first drag show there. We were not impressed, but we did like the bounce zone. After the festival, we went to the meatball eat place.

Mommy is busy getting her flowers planted. We helped her for a bit before getting bored.

Trent has finally discovered he can attempt to climb out of his crib. He hasn't done it yet, but he tried before Daddy grabbed him.

I enjoy taking Mommy's eye pillow.

I had a nice surprise for Mommy on Saturday evening. I came downstairs at 11:24 p.m. (after a lovely evening at Uncle Rob and Aunt Sue's) and asked Mommy for help because I had put my green slime in my hair. Turns out I couldn't get it out. Mommy pulled up a YouTube video that said to use clarifying shampoo so we spent until midnight in the shower washing my hair and picking out slime. I did some major screaming. Uncle Bob and Daddy slept right through it. The green is gone, but my hair looks very greasy still. Mommy said it may need to wear out.

On Sunday, Grandpa and Grandma Stafford left for Michigan, but not before taking us for a short motorhome ride!

Trent had a dry day at school last week (went in the potty all day), but he hasn't repeated that.

Mommy was very happy because I tried one of her Kogels Red Hots (special treat from Michigan) and I liked it. 

Waiting on a skin test.

Too complex to eat.

End of an era.

Green thumbs.

Eye pillow.

Trent's fashion.