Donuts for Dads

On Friday, we had a special "Donuts for Dads" breakfast at school. Trent and I both made paperweights with our pictures on it. I also filled out a form on Dad which included "My Dad's job is: conference calls" and "I love Dad because he is nicer than Mommy."

It was a very hot weekend. We went to the pool twice and to see the movie "Inside Out." Trent and I are really starting to enjoy the pool more. I used to not like it. I love playing with Mommy's snorkel.

On Father's Day we had ice cream for lunch and took Daddy to Firebird's for dinner.

Trent is progressing with potty training. Mommy is going through lots of disinfecting wipes and laundry. He gets to the potty, but misses it. Tonight Mommy got a surprise Trent shower.

We don't need naps anymore!