Run Trent, Run!

We had a great weekend. It was Labor Day so we all had Monday off too!

On Saturday we took a boat ride with the dogs and then went on an island. At first I was upset because I wanted to go fishing. The dogs LOVED running around on the island and in the water. I enjoyed digging in the sand. Trent enjoyed running around naked. We found some huge clam shells. After island time we did fish for a bit, but didn't catch anything. We have a lot to learn about fishing. We had to get off the water in a hurry. A scary thunderstorm rolled in.

Trent likes to go running with Mommy.

On Sunday we went to the Museum of Life and Science. We spent most of our time at the fossil dig and in the sand box.

We are into Star Wars. We watched the first two movies this weekend. We are going to watch them all.

Wild and free dogs.

Trent on the run.

Sand box time.