The Dog Days of February

On Tuesday, one of our Jaycees friends, Sarah, who is currently living in China came to visit. We had a big Jaycees burger dinner. Miss Sarah brought us some legit Chinese New Year goodies.

It was my 100th day of school on last Friday (the 12th). Mommy came in and helped with some activities.  It started to snow (it didn't stick) so we went outside for a class picture.

The dog hunt continues. Last weekend we went to meet Macey, who growled at us. No go. We also went to an adoption open house - no luck. Yesterday we met a sweet dog named Bud, but Alex didn't care for him. Next weekend we are supposed to meet two more dogs.

Today Trent had a double ear infection. After a long nap his fever broke and he's doing a lot better. Mom, Alex, and I went and played our in the greenway woods for a bit while Dad hung with Trent.

100th Day of School Class pic.

A no go on Bud.

Playing in the woods.

Sleeping off an ear infection.