Vietnam Vet's Day

On Saturday the history museum had a special Vietnam Veteran's Day.  Out in the parking lot they had a truck and a helicopter. Trent and I both got to sit in the helicopter. The person who showed us the helicopter was a physician who did medical evacuations. Inside we got to met more vets and see uniforms, flags, helmets, tiger cages, and all kinds of other stuff. One vet showed us a model of the tunnels used. Mommy and Daddy didn't even know about that.

Saturday night Grandma and Grandpa hung out with us while Mommy and Daddy went to see Five for Fighting.

Because Betty is little and cute, she has been allowed up on the couch. She keeps trying to steal food from Trent. We are working on some manners.

Trent and Betty watching Paw Patrol.

HB2 protesters downtown.

Trent crawled into bed with Alden.

Helicopter look.

Tunnel display.