Cherry Point

We had a great week. Last Monday was Daddy's birthday. He wanted to go to Outback for dinner. Then we went back and ate the Jello cake we baked Sunday night.

On Friday we had a field trip to park. Mom got to come by. 

On Saturday we went to New Bern. We walked around downtown. We went to the original Pepsi place. I always say that fuzzy pop is yucky, but I tried it anyway. I told Mom and Dad it wasn't so bad. After exploring downtown we went to see The Jungle Book movie. We liked but did not love it. I think Mom was thankful we weren't pressuring her for Jungle Book merchandise.

Near New Bern is a lot of businesses named Trent, because there is a Trent River there. We found a Trent auto dealer.

On Sunday we went to the air show at the Marines Cherry Point Air Base. It was awesome. We stayed all day. They had all kinds of military equipment: trucks, cargo planes, bomber, tanks, portable cannons, fighter jets (including the F22 Raptor), helicopters, fire trucks, drones, portable kitchens, prop planes, and more. They also had different displays like chemical detection equipment. The military guys and gals were so nice to us. They even had some Canadian military equipment on display. It was HUGE!

We got to go in most of the equipment. For the fighter jets, we got to get up close to the cockpit and look right in.

I asked one of the drone engineers a lot of questions. I have a book about drones.

All during the show they had all kinds to displays going on - a jet truck, the F22 Raptor, helicopters, old style prop planes, bombing display. The show ended with a performance by the Blue Angels.

Vietnam helicopter.

Another Vietnam helicopter.

After watching the Blue Angels.

Learning about drones.

Chemical warfare display.

A Caddy for Trent.

Happy birthday!

Kindy field trip.

First Pepsi.