Mi Weekend

Last Thursday we tried to fly to Michigan, but they had an air traffic delay. So we went home from the airport and went back Friday morning. Aunt Kat picked us up in Flint. Then we went to Grandpa and Grandma's and had dinner. After dinner Grandpa helped me with my math homework. He had to get the dictionary out (and explain what a dictionary is to me). Grandma fixed Trent's green blankie.

It was cold, but no real snow, just a dusting. We had hoped to go sledding.

 Saturday morning we learned how to shoot a bow. Trent broke one of Grandpa's crossbow arrows because he missed the practice target and put it through some plywood. Then we burned their Christmas tree.

On Saturday afternoon we went to the Snow Fest in Frankenmuth. The pictures are on Aunt Kat's phone. We should get them later. Every body had fun but me. I whined that my foot was itchy.

Saturday night Mommy went to a pottery place. We stayed home and watched Princess Bride and Charlotte's Web.

Sunday morning we got up and went back to the airport. It was a short, but fun weekend.

Mom's "Take Me to Michigan" t-shirt. Chicago airport.

Trying to stand eggs.

Homework and a dictionary.

Up a tree.

Bow and arrows.

Goodbye Christmas tree.