I'm officially five now. At school, my teacher made me a Star Wars crown. The spiky part was light sabres.

Over the weekend we went to Pittsburgh. I met my cousins Thomas and Caroline for the first time. Alden made it clear he was not going to change any diapers. We went to a zoo, had a cookout (complete with a surprise cake for me), and did a home fireworks show. Alden was very excited that he got to light off the fireworks.

Thomas had an ear infection, Caroline a fever, and Aunt Jenny and Uncle Balex had strep throat. I woke up with a fever on Sunday morning. I threw up on the plane ride home. Thankfully Mom got me a bag in time.

Official five year-old portrait.

Nobody wanted to take this picture.

Always get a fireworks pack bigger than yourself.

Feeding the deer.

Primate to primate.

No kisses wanted.

Riding a camel.

Caroline touching the wild life.
Show time.


Giraffe feeding time.