Two in Elementary!

We are back! We will post more pictures of our summer adventures later. We are too tired right now. Today was our first day of school. I am in 2nd grade. Trent is in kindergarten.

I think I'm going to like Mr. M. He doesn't have fancy decorations like some of the other teachers, but I can tell he cares about us. He likes math and he is allergic to peanuts. It's nice to have a teacher who gets food allergies!

Trent has Ms. P - who I had! He did great during his assessment day today. He goes back to preschool tomorrow and comes back to K on Tuesday. Only 4 more days of preschool!

The first thing Trent did when he saw Mom after school today was hand her his book bag and tell her "there's lots of Mom homework in here."

Trent in his new class.