Birthday Weekend

Alden turned 8 on Friday. His birthday got off to a slow start. On Friday, Mom and Dad picked us up from school. We then started driving to Virginia Beach. On the way, we had dinner at Outback. Since we went right from school, Alden didn't get to open any presents.

On Saturday, Mom ran a 10K race, with a Halloween theme, of course! Then we went indoor sky diving which we all liked. Alden and I want to do it again. After that, we went to the beach with some friends (The Endicotts, Mr. MG, and Miss Emily). We saw dolphins, a horseshoe crab, and a sand crab. I ran around in my undies.

On Sunday, Grandpa and Grandma, Aunts Jennelle and Sue, and Uncles Bob and Rob came over to help Alden celebrate 8 with ice cream cake and pizza.

Today I had my Letter Land parade at school.

I'm having trouble with my letter and number recognition so Mom and Dad are having me do extra practice.

Virginia Beach

Horseshoe crab.

The beach gang.
Carolina Ballet presents Sleepy Hollow.

Peter Puppy costume for Letter Land parade.

Trent's homework.

Let it burn.