First Snowman

Friday was Trent's 100th day of school. His class celebrated with a special snack and games involving counting to 100.

Over the weekend we went to see our PA family. We were amazed at the size of the snow piles in the Target parking lot. Trent and I made our first snow man. Aunt Jenny did most of the work. Mom was embarrassed that her snow ball rolling skills have faded. We also did some sledding in Aunt Jenny and Uncle Balex's backyard. Our cousins Coco and T-Bone amazed us with their walking abilities. 

Getting home was tough. Our original direct flight was canceled. Then the flight we were moved to was delayed and we missed our connection. Mom was worried we were going to get stuck in Philly, but we ended up getting home that day...just 8 hours later than planned.

Snow mountain at Target.

Grumpy snowman.


100th day snack.

100th day fun.