St. Patty's Day

A busy week! We had a weather learning experience in my room. Mom came in to help along with some other parents. We made water bottle tornadoes.

Alden and I set some leprechaun traps around the house, but we didn't catch any. I told Dad all he needs to do to pay off the house is catch a leprechaun.

Friday night we went and got soccer stuff. Saturday was our first soccer league day. We've done classes before, but not a league. We both liked it. Alden and I are on the same team. There is another Alden on the team. She is a girl. After the game we went to a reptile day at the museum.

Today Mom did lots of cleaning. We got new carpet next week so there is a lot of yelling about shoes off and being gentle.

Weather learning experience.

First cleats!

Soccer game.

Alden running the ball.

Reptile day.