Easter 2018

Last week I had a field trip to the zoo. There were many other schools there at the same time. Mom came to chaperone. We ran into my old friend Evan, who I didn't remember, but Mom said I spent a lot of time with him and his Aunt Kristi when I was very young. Mom wouldn't have recognized him had it not been for his dad. He is super tall now.

On Saturday one of our neighbors arranged a Nerf Day at the park. Some of our neighbors also had a lemonade stand. After Nerf time, we played Beyblades with one of the kids there.

Sunday was Easter. Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Jen, and Uncle Bob came for dinner. We had Kogels hot dogs, Flint Coney sauce, and Syrian rice for dinner. Mom is weird. Trent and I ate so much candy!

This week school is out. Trent and I are taking a morning golf class.

Evan and Alden at the zoo.

Neighborhood lemonade stand.

Playing Beyblades.

Golf class.