Golf, Bowling, and Earth Skills

We are taking bowling lessons now. I will let you know how it goes. The first class was pretty crazy because they were short on instructors. They are supposed to add more this or next week.

Last week was spring break. We took a golf class in the morning and hung out while Mom and Dad worked in the afternoon. Mom even took us to work one day and I played foosball with some IT engineers. We thought golf was ok.

Over the weekend, Mom and I went to an Earth Skills camp. We didn't spend the night because it was cold and rainy. We took a class on story telling by Doug Elliot. He's big in the story telling world. We also made a didgerido. I liked hanging around the camp fire. The people were very nice. I enjoyed watching a class do buck skin tanning. They even put me on some buckskin and bounced me around.


Alden and a driver.

Trent at the driving range.


Working the buckskin.

Cutting firewood.