Who is in 1st and 3rd?

Last week I went to my first chess camp. When Mom picked me up from camp on Wednesday we had to go to her doctor because she had hives all over after being bit by some fire ants. She was fine after she was treated in the office.

On the last day of chess camp, I won 3rd place for the beginner group.

Friday night we went to a farm in Durham. It was just ok - there was no hay in the hay ride. At least the animals were cute and fun. Trent and I are playing in another soccer league. Our first game on Saturday was hot!

Today was our first day of school. We are sad summer break is over! 

1st game for the FC Cary Giffins.

New farm friend.

Feed the alpaca.

Sunday paint ball fight with Mom.

Trent and his teacher - 1st grade.

Alden and his teacher - 3rd grade.

Walking to school - day 1.