Rocky Mountain Weekend

We went to Denver for the weekend to attend a wedding (Megan and Austin). We left school just a bit early on Friday and flew out there. All we did Friday was go to Olive Garden for the first time ever. Alden and I both liked it!

On Saturday morning we had to run to Target because only one of mom's dress shoes made the trip (she screwed up packing). Then we went with the wedding group to Red Rock Amphitheater and did a hike. Megan and Austin fed us all subs for lunch. After that we went to a science museum. We saw mummies, gems, and dinosaurs. That evening we went to a nice dinner hosted by Megan and Austin.

On Sunday we went to Dinosaur Ridge and did a tour. We saw real dinosaur footprints and bones right out in nature. We also went shopping and got ties made out of Legos. That evening was the wedding. Just Dad went to the ceremony.  Mom and Dad said we did great at the reception especially because was just 2 other kids there. I even danced to a bunch of songs with Mom!

Beautiful hike.

Grumpy hiker.

Fancy drink.

Dinosaur Ridge visitor center.

Climbing and seeing real dinosaur footprints.

Lego ties.
Label your luggage.