Weekend in the D

We spent our weekend in Michigan, mostly in Detroit. We flew in on Friday and went straight to the hotel.

On Saturday we started our day at Polish Village. When we did some boring stuff Mom wanted to do in Detroit. We tried to find some Christmas market, but she had the dates wrong and it wasn't open yet. Then we drove around some cemetery looking for the Dodge brothers. We did not find them. After all of this, we went to a splash park in Frankenmuth which was good. Grandpa and Grandma came and met us there. Then we had dinner.

On Sunday we went to the Panthers vs. the Lions football game. I whined about going, but I was fine when I got there. Alden liked going to the game in person, but he was upset since the Panthers lost. He is a Panthers fan. 

Splash park time.

Alden watched the game the whole time.

Trent found a Matthew Stafford Lego-type guy.

Nice field!

Look at that Panthers fan.

Hurray - the Lions won!

House divided - two different jerseys on the way home.