Lock Down

What a historic time we've had. There has been news about a virus, COVID-19,  causing a sickness for a few weeks. We heard rumors it might close our school. On Friday, they said they would not close school and some parents were really mad. They thought the school board was being unsafe.

On Saturday we went to see Aunt Jen's new house that is under construction. While we were touring around, Mom got a text from the school board. School will be closed for at least 2 weeks to keep us from the virus. We went out for lunch and ice cream. It was our last outing for awhile.

So now we are hanging in the house. We don't go out for hair cuts and out to eat. All of our sports and activities have been canceled. We can go outside, but we aren't supposed to hang out with other people. It is call social distancing. Mom and Dad only leave to pick up food. Dad is working from home and not traveling.

Yesterday when Mom went to the grocery store they were almost out of bread, meat, and fresh produce. Mom had  never seen anything like that in her life. She went back today and they had been able to restock.

In the middle of this we are getting repairs done on the outside of the house. Trent and I have helped by picking up dropped nails. They are also going to paint.

Spring flowers in our yard.

Found nails.

Touring Aunt Jen's new house.

Our last outing for awhile - ice cream.


The ideal schedule.

No fruit. No veggies.

Not much meat left.