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Halloween Eve 2009 - Alden Style

Hey everyone ! - It's your favorite 4 day old with a daily dose of infantile news.

While Dad slept sound in his slumber, I made sure Mom kept watch over me *All Night Long*... Then at 9am, just when I thought the whole 'medical' aspect of this birthing deal was over, today was my first visit to the Pediatrician.  We got to the office on time - the OLD office that they moved from back on the 26th.  We filled out 30 minutes worth of paperwork, that Dad left on the kitchen table.  I ate pretty well in the morning, before knowing I'd have to wait over 3 hours before I would get to eat again.

Moral of the story :
  • Check your destination still exists where you think it does
  • Never let Dad be responsible for documents any more important than a Char-Grill burger order-slip
  • Eat now, you can never be too sure where your next meal might come from
Dr. M laughed when she went to check my lungs, she said she could tell from my ear-piercing screams that they were just fine.  Dad took me out to the car to scream while Mom had to redo the whole insurance/medical history form set...

Home at last, and having eaten - I settled in for a quiet rest.  I also got a little freaked out by my Dad hiding cameras in my room to watch my every move. - Weird-O...

The Alden-cam 2000 (or Truman Show II)

Mom got a surprise visitor that came bearing Halloween gifts.  Very cool - wait till you see my halloween costumes. (Yes Plural - You know how my Mom is don't ya ?)

Alden's Halloween Zombie Pose

A constant repeat of Eat, Sleep, Scream takes us through to the end of the day. - But Halloween is tomorrow and I hear that Alex and Mallory might be coming home soon !

Yous guys have fun Trick Or Treating Y'all Eh?
(MidMichigan parents, Born in North Carolina, Canadian Uncle)


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