Summary of my life so far (Day 1)

Well, I'm not sure what to make of this whole 'world' thing that you guys have all so kindly welcomed me into.  I thought I'd share a pictorial summary of what I've been up to since this morning...

Background:  I gotta say, it wasn't too bad when I just hung around comfortably in Mom's belly. - I had food, warmth, even the sounds of Alex & Mallory barking at squirrels.  It was a good gig except for those pokes & jabs from the ultrasound machine...

Kristen at 9 months (with Alex)

I decided to get this show on the road at 2am on Monday morning.  C'mon, it's dark in there - not like I 'knew' I was ruining Mom's sleep. - I thought she was sitting still watching 30 Rock.  When Dr. V checked on my progress at 9am, boy did I have him fooled ! - He actually scheduled an induction for Friday. Hah - I have places to go and people to meet !

After wiggling around and trying to convince them to head to the hospital for most of the day, I finally got my wish at 9pm. - 10.5 hours later - Here I am !

Supersize Me

Dad thought he could share the spotlight with my amazing cuteness.  He put on a comedy routine for the nurses with remarks like - "What's the Apgar rating ? - I'm getting a bumper sticker for my car to show up those honor-students" (BTW: I'm a 9/9 if you care)

Dad seeing Alden up-close for 1st time

Mom was worn out - Lucy, the midwife that delivered me estimated me between 6-7 lbs. - She claimed that she's never off by 3 lbs.  Glad I could make this memorable for the staff as well.

Next Stop: Mommyville

Happily warmed and eye-dropped, Dad gave my Grandma's both a call to let them know that there's a new addition to the Christmas shopping list this year.  If anyone sees an HDTV on my Christmas list, be suspicious that Dad isn't taking advantage of my inability to talk, read or write yet.

Thanks for the lift these past 40 weeks, Mom...

I got a bath that was friggin-freezing !   I exercised these new lungs of mine and let em all know I wasn't appreciative.  They also changed my diaper, I'm wearing Huggies Swaddlers now, but I think that American Standard should go into the diaper business - I need "The Champion". -- After a quick trip to some sort of a fake-beach (baby-warmer), I was back to the room with Mom to sleep while Dad ran Alex & Mallory to camp.

I think this swaddler was trained at Qdoba

 While relaxing and waiting for Dad to return, I got a surprise visit from my Aunt Sue ! - Let me tell you, Dad 'thinks' he's funny - but Aunt Sue is HILLARIOUS ! - She made faces that would put Jim Carey to shame (so I hear...).

Alden's First Visitor - Aunt Sue !

Summary : Not all bad for Day-1 of life.  I've got it pretty good here - My parents will obviously obey my every wish & command.   Expecting Grandma Jezewski to arrive tomorrow, let's see if I can wrap her around my little finger just as easily.


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