Week 1 : I'm getting the hang of this !

Hello Alden-ites !
I'm so appreciative of all the 'congrats' and complements you've given me on my blog.  It's pretty remarkable that I've had over 500 unique visitors, from 10 countries with about 1000 hits in the past week. - So many of you are returning, which means you must be having some fun while you're here. - That's great news and I'm glad you are back !

I took my first ride 'just for fun' today in the car.  We took books to the library that won't be any fun for me to read or have read to me.  On the way back, I got a McDonald's strawberry milk-shake (1 degree removed).

No post, no matter how brief would be complete without a picture-of-the-day :

Alden's JCPenney Pose

I'm having a really good time this week with Mom, Dad and Grandma Jezewski and I also got to use iChat-Video with Uncle Bob, Aunt Beth, Cousin Nick and Grandma/Grandpa Stafford. - I sure hope we can get Cisco Telepresence at home someday soon.

More to come !


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