Happy Halloween !

Hey everyone, sorry for the delay in posting my Halloween pictures.  It was a busy night with a visit from a crazy Australian, lots of trick-or-treaters and perhaps best of all, I got to meet my dogs for the first time.

From looking at the statistics on blog viewership, I'm getting the impression you'd like to see more pictures and less gab - so here is a mega-dose of Alden cuteness for you to enjoy...

Mom & I with Mallory (footrest) & Alex (curious)

Jon : My first international visitor

Alex learning the new scents - I had a 'special' one for him

I dressed up as a Pumpkin 1st (more to come...)

Here I am napping in my special Halloween outfit...

Did I mention it's Mallory's 1st Halloween with the family too ?

See - I do more than sleep & eat...

Mom, I'm a cat ! - Stop tickling me.

Here I am with a "I love Mummy" Bib...

What a long day - Mom kisses me goodnight...

There you have it - A double-shot of pictures for this Halloween.  Everything is still going great, and I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween as well.

ATS (or @S)


  1. Kristen, He's adorable... what a cute little Halloweenie you have! Glad everything went smoothly. SO thrilled for you!! ~ Lori

  2. What a handsome little guy!! He's just beautiful, and I'm so happy for you! Looking forward to seeing Alden at his first Halloween show next year, hehe!!

    Big congrats!!
    ~ Carolee

  3. very cute

    Katie Endicott

  4. You're too cute for words:)

  5. That's the best Halloween picture I've seen all season. What an absolute beauty! Everyone is glowing happiness. Congratulations Kristen.

  6. That little spook is adorable!!! I'm so happy for you Kristen!.... You look relieved to have him "out" and about :) Happy Mommyhood to you... Let me know what it's like....

    ~ Johanna

  7. Congratulations Kristen!!! What a great group of photos you shared with us--Pure Joy!

  8. he is so cute! thanks for sharing


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