Week 4 : Next mile-marker 2 days ahead

Here is my last post as an 'n-week old'.  Soon many of you will either be rounding me down to a '1-month old' or rounding me up to a '2-month old'.  For those that like to stay precise, there's nothing wrong with keeping me in weeks.  Heck, I think Grandma Stafford would still say my Dad is celebrating 1700 weeks this week.

 Alden watching Jay-Z & Alicia Keys on the AMAs

Aunt Jenny was my special guest this week.  She helped Mom take care of me and my dogs this week, she helped clean, run errands and hold me while I screamed at the top of my lungs.  I think she's pretty great, and considering how many smooches I got - I think I got her playing into my hands pretty well.

Aunt Jenny & Alden

I had another new highlight this week, my first play date !  This dude, Colin-G is so cool, he was actually born on my due-date.  We decided to impress our moms by performing synchronized snoozing.  Once we fool them into thinking we're nice, mild-mannered kids - they'll be more apt to trust us not to get into mischief as we get older.  It's just a matter of time now...  Boy are chicks gonna dig-us...

Alden & Colin perfect their stylish moves

Another first for me this week was my first outing to a coffee shop to meet Laura A.  She and Mom had a great chat while I screamed since there wasn't anything for me there.   Laura made me a really awesome bib that will be reserved for drool.

I also got held by a future mommy that's got mad baby-holding skillz considering she's still a few months away from the 'real' fun.  It was really fun trying to scream loud enough that two of my future buddies could hear me.

Doracy holding Alden

That's all folks !
Alden the 4 week-old, signing off.


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