Alden and his dog Mallory

Mallory ties to share the baby-gym with Alden

I had quite the busy day today.  After my first "Baby-Steps" class with Mommy, I had to make sure that I was noticed.  To ensure my new friends knew I was there, I yelled at the top of my lungs for all to hear.  I'm pretty sure they took notice. At least it got me a walking tour of the facility.

Once we returned home, Michelle and Kristi brought over my buddy Colin and we went cruising around the neighborhood. We had to show off our awesome mommy-powered rides.

Then I went for a workout in my baby-gym.  My crazy dog Mallory decided that she needed similar exercise and stimulation and tried to join me. Mallory always tries to nose in wherever fun, food, or attention is to be had. Mallory cannot wait for me to start solids. She's offered to help me clean up.

We found out this week that Aunt Katie is coming for a visit next month! I hope she'll be my Valentine!

Alden after learning Aunt Katie is coming