More firsts and typical day shots...

Last Friday Colin-G and I joined our moms for our first yoga class. We were the youngest there. Our moms didn't find it much of a workout, and unlike the other older babies, we didn't think the songs were too amusing. Mom made some comment about how it was weird to hear Green Day in Muzak form.  However, I did find it interesting to see crawling demonstrated, which I found to be more affective than wiggling as I do. I'm going to work my way up to crawling!

On Monday Mom and Dad took me car shopping. I'm such an influence around the house --- they decided it was time to start looking for something more appropriate for me. I'm very excited that my vote is a major factor. Dad said it is a Stafford past time to visit car dealerships. I also helped by collecting brochures.

Helping Dad kick a Honda's tires

Here's some shots of me doing my typical daily activities.

I've found my fingers and they are delicious!

I'm now grabbing toys in my gym

I love swinging!

That's all for now folks. Stay tuned for more typical day shots and videos.

Till soon,



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