My Busy Social Life --- Part I of II

I'm a little dude on the go, with quite the social calendar. Here's just a sampling of some of my adventures last week.

Alden in his football outfit (thanks Aunt Sue!) with Dad right before Miss Joni and Mr. Dave's Super Bowl Party.

Lunch with Miss Reid (thanks Miss Reid for the cool bib!). Too bad I don't know how to make wolf ears with my hands yet.

Pizza time with Mom, Miss Joni, Paige, and Brendan.

Alden in James' chair. Alden's late nap caused him to miss James during the playdate.

Alden with some of his buddies from his Baby Steps class. Look at him holding Megan's arm.

Aunt Katie from Pittsburgh came to see me too. More on that in Part II of II.

Nap time,