My First Snow (and Spa Time)

3-Month Shot

Hello out there! As promised here is my 3-month mug shot and some more totally awesome pictures. As you will see, I look totally different than my 1-month mug shot.

Alden on his 3-month b-day

My First Snow
Perhaps you heard that North Carolina received quite a bit of snow recently?

Chillin' and wishing I had a sled

My dogs loved playing in the snow. Go Mallory!
Dad exhausted after shoveling and soothing. Alden exhausted after screaming.

Spa Time
A few times a week I visit Kitchen Spa. I highly recommend their services. I get the Deluxe Baby Bath package.

Invigorating shampoo and scalp massage

Hydrotherapy skin cleansing
Bear towel body wrap

That's all for now. I need to get back to the Super Bowl!