Ice Cream, Friends, and Family

Hi all! As usual, I've been a busy guy since I last blogged. So much has happened! Mom and dad's friend Laura tipped them off to Alden's Ice Cream. Even though I cannot eat ice cream yet, I suggest everyone go out and buy this fine product.

Aunt Jenny and Balex came to visit me. I knew they wanted to try out some restaurants in the area so I did my best to be good while they were eating. Aunt Jenny even came to help out with my 5 month pictures. I'll share some of those later.

My dog Mallory loves to escape from the backyard. This week she dug out and went to a neighbor's house to play with their dog, Peanut. Mallory followed Peanut into her house and ate her food. Mallory is not a polite houseguest.

My social calendar continues to be exciting. I had  my first park playdate. How nice it is to be outside. Our Baby Steps group also got together for a cookout yesterday. Our parents lined us up for another couch picture. It was a total paparazzi attack! The camera flashes were crazy!

Alden cannot wait to try Alden's Ice Cream.

Alden in his second outfit of the morning while hanging with Aunt Jenny and Balex.

Alden and Elianna hang at the park.

Alden practices the moves dad taught him with Megan.

The Baby Steps gang on April 24.

Flash back! The Baby Steps gang in February.