I'm a Funny Guy

Yesterday Mom and I graduated from Baby Steps class. No need to be sad though, we have lots of plans to see each other very soon. In our last session a woman came in from My Gym to tell us how fun it is to be active babies.

Today Mom and I met up with Miss Kristi, Colin, and Kaitlyn for a walk to the park. There is yellow pollen everywhere. Mom told me this happens every spring, but this year is a record breaker. At least that didn't spoil the fun of me going in a sandbox for the first time.

One thing I've learned from Mom already is that it is fun to express yourself through clothing. Babyhood is just too short to resist passing up funny onesies. For your entertainment, here are some of my favorites.

I live in a gated community.

I am Boob Man!

Small * Fart. Smells More For Less. Smelly.

I am Mommy's Hero (when dad's not around).

My dad's a geek.