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Sitting Handsome

What a wonderful week I've had. On the solid food front,  I've had peas, squash, bananas, and rice cereal. I've done a great job with it all. I've also discovered that food makes great face paint!

Alden thinks the more the more veggies he wears the less he has to eat.

The weather has been beautiful. There are now more plants in the front yard. Mom told me this was Part II of the landscaping project that started while I was being born. I've done my part to help by taking some naps so Mom can work. 

Alden does his part to help with spring landscaping.

I can sit up now if Mom or Dad helps me up into position. This is a fun new way to interact with the world. I sit up to gum my blocks and to practice driving. 

Alden's first convertible. 

Dad is off from work this week. He and Mom have been doing lots of organizing projects. They put away my bouncer and swings. I've outgrown them. 

Aunt Jenny comes tomorrow. I cannot wait to show her all my new skills. 

PS - Happy Tax Day. I don't really know what that means yet, but I've heard it will be a big deal to me someday.  For now, I'm just a little deductible. 



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Bog Breath

Last week my pumpkin project book was due. I had to do a book report and make a pumpkin look like a character from the book. I chose "Dog Breath." It is about a dog with really stinky breath. They almost got rid of the dog, but she became a hero. She saved her family from some bad guys.

We had an open house on Friday so parents could come see our projects.


Tinker Toys

Big things this week! Trent moved from his toddler bed to a twin bed.

I went to a tinkering day camp and made a wood reindeer. I didn't want to leave when Mom and Dad came to pick me up. We even had a fire. It was fun to toss pine branches on it. It made a cool crackling sound.

Today is my last day of school before break. Yesterday we had our party. Mrs. N went all out! We have stockings, multiple Christmas trees, lights, and she turned our desks into cars on the Polar Express. Mrs. N even works as a part-time elf when she's not teaching. I love hearing her elf stories.


Dog Breath

I really like Nerf. I got to pick out one at Target this weekend for a belated birthday gift from Mommy and Daddy.

I typically cry at hair cuts or demand to wear googles, but tonight I was ok. I didn't cry.

Mommy and I got my pumpkin book project done tonight. I had to make a pumpkin look like a character in a book. We rocked the glue gun. We made the dog's bad breath out of stuffing Betty had pulled out of her dog bed. Creative!