In and Through

Hello out there! I've been working hard on my motorskills. I'm up to full hands and knees crawling now. No more army crawling unless I'm in the mood for it. I'm pulling up on more and more stuff. People, furniture, toys, you name it, I'll try crawling over it, or pulling up on it.

My favorite food is blueberries. I'm making progress on learning how to use a sippy cup.

I still like my doorway jumper. If you want to make me laugh, playing Peek-a-Boo, snorting like a pig, or burping will do the trick. I love crawling around and playing with my toys.

There's two baby gates up now. Ah, the gated community has begun.

My Grandma Linda came down to hang with me. I had a great time reminding her how much work, although fun, babies are. I also met my Great Uncle Tom and his daughter, Laura. I'm not sure what Laura's official title is to me besides Mom's cousin, but she's a cool lady!

Alden learned the concept of "in"...

...and then the concept of "through."

Alden playing with his ball drop toy.