Hanging at the Gym

On Fridays, Mom takes me for a workout at the Little Gym. I have so much fun there. I love crawling off while the teacher is giving instructions. I leave a trail of drool on the mats so people know where I've been. It's my calling card.

We do many activities like ring bells, bounce balls, roll, dance under parachutes, and more. My favorite part of the class is free play and bubble time. I also like getting up on a giant air mattress and jumping around. This week some of my Baby Steps classes are going to come with me as my guests. It is going to be crazy!

Alden chases his classmate, Piper.

Rolling down a cheese mat with Miss Genevieve.

Tracking bubbles.

Working the parallel bars.

I get plenty of exercise at home too. I'm learning a bit of basketball. Check out my skills!

Alden the dunk master.