10 Months!

I'm into double digits now! I turned 10 months on Friday. Mom took me to get my pictures done. The photographer was really funny tossing stuffed animals around. In the afternoon I went over to Megan's house. We chilled up in her awesome playroom. Zander came over too. He's already one and walking.

On Saturday I went to Brendan's Star Wars birthday party. Mom and I shared a cookie. Dad was  really impressed how big my bites are already. I was a big boy, sitting proud at the kid table.

At 10 months I enjoy: pulling wires, chasing cats, putting heat registers out of their holes, unraveling toilet paper, putting everything in my mouth, playing peak-a-boo, pulling up on and wiggling baby gates, banging on things with my hands (for example, windows and toilet seat covers), wrinkling magazines,  drooling, pulling things out of drawers and cabinets, pushing and pulling things off shelves, and climbing stairs.

I dislike: diaper changes, getting my hair washed, the sound of a drill,  the sound of a toilet flushing if I'm too close to it, getting strapped into my car seat, being stuck in the car, getting strapped into my high chair, nap time,  and going out to eat.

Ten months!

Cookie crumb face at Brendan's birthday party.

Mr. Bathroom Drawer Inspector.