Driving on my learners permit

Guess who's back with a brand new track... Video-track that is ! - Here I am driving my truck up and down the hallway while Mom pushes me:

This week was pretty crazy.  Dad was hopping around cities all over the eastern United States and Mom and I were stuck to take care of my dogs all by ourselves.  Alex is being weird, barking to let him in and then running away when we go to the door. - Dad thinks that he learned that trick from the teenage neighbors that lived by Mom & Dad's old house? (Don't ask me ! - I wasn't around yet.)

We were all very excited to get Dad home on Friday but we were pretty tired too.  While we were taking a nap on Saturday, Mallory decided to dig out under the fence yet again.  While Mom and I started to circle the house to look for her, some walkers told us that the same nice family that Mallory had gone to visit a couple months ago had her again.  When we got there she was panting and out of breath and acted all innocent on the leash back home.

Today I played most of the day with Mom while Dad repaired the hole under the fence and washed the porch & deck.  I got to go out for lunch and then went for a stroller ride to see how nice warm-season grass looks compared to our weed-garden.  Then it was dinner/bath/story and tomorow will start another fun filled week.

Come back soon!-